Strategic Planning
Winchester Consulting can help you define the direction to take your company and develop a plan to help you achieve your goals, whether those be to grow your company, streamline it through the implementation of new technology, bring technology to market or attract funding.

Mr. Winchester brings a wealth of real-life experience, specific to the water industry, developing and implementing strategic plans for a variety of companies!

New Investments
If you are considering a new investment, whether it be the acquisition of another company to increase market share and geographic coverage, adding a new product line or new capital equipment to improve operational efficiency, Winchester Consulting can assist in evaluating the economic impacts and assist in the implementation of the investment.

Marketing, Growth & Expansion
Often times, it takes new eyes to see. The Winchester Consulting group takes a keen look at your company, products and services, and helps identify new markets and ways to expand your share of existing markets. Strategy is developed, plans of action are implemented, and results are measured.

Commercialization of New Technology
The water industry has historically been slow to adopt new technology and developers of new technology often do not possess the industry contacts necessary to influence risk-averse decision makers to become an early adopter of the technology. Our contacts and proven mechanisms for reducing risk to early adopters allow you to accelerate your market penetration.

Operational Evaluation and Improvements
By streamlining operation and improving efficiency, you can give cash flow a boost and turn profits quicker. Winchester Consulting will evaluate your operations and identify opportunities for reducing costs, increasing cash flow and improving profitability.

Often times the tactics required to implement a new strategic plan requires an infusion of external capital. Winchester Consulting can help you evaluate the quantum of funding required, identify various forms of capital and assist with introductions to potential investors and lenders. We can assist with the development of the business plan, financial plan and investor deck necessary to cause investors and lenders to sit up and take notice.

Board of Director
Mr. Winchester has served on various Boards, including engineering, technology and software firms, and can bring his expertise and insight to your Board of Directors. A well performing Board can significantly enhance the value of your company.